Horse Riding Holidays In The Mountains Agrotourism Farm Beskidy Cracow Cheap Accommodation Affordable Houses
Affordable Houses Cracow Cheap Accommodation Holidays In The Mountains Agrotourism Farm Horse Riding
Holidays In The Mountains Horse Riding Agrotourism Farm Holidays In The Mountains Affordable Houses Cracow Cheap Accommodation
Horse Riding Agrotourism Farm Holidays In The Mountains Cracow Cheap Accommodation Affordable Houses
Agrotourism Farm
About Us
We would like to invite you to stay in our comfortable houses and suite situated in the mountains and in Cracow. Our accommodation facilities and agrotourism house will provide you with all that you need to plan a perfect holiday in the mountains...

Horse Riding

We Recommend
You can also get to know our wonderful, Carpathian ponies!
Horse riding lessons
Field trips
Cart and sleigh rides!

Visit the charming village of Kasina Wielka situated in the heart of the scenic Beskid Wyspowy Mountains! You can stay in one of our Affordable Houses, including a luxury HOUSE for 8-10 people, a comfortable SUITE for 2-6 people.

If you prefer to visit Cracow, we offer accommodation in a comfortable HOUSE for 7-9 persons situated on a hill which affords a view on the Magic Cracow! and where you can take a rest from the noise of the city.
Cracow Cheap Accommodation
Comfortable accommodation is just the beginning of your adventure… We have prepared a special offer for those who like active forms of outdoor recreation in the mountains and who constantly seek new thrills!

To make your holiday an unforgettable experience, our agrotourism farm offers a wide variety of attractions, such as:
Agrotourism Farm - winter and summer fun on the slopes of "Snieznica"
- sleigh rides followed by a bonfire
- cart and sledge rides
- paragliding
- bike and walking trails
- a tennis court and a football pitch
- bathing beaches on Kasinianka River
- games and fun around a bonfire
- night visits to an observatory
Holidays In The Mountains, Agrotourism Farm, Kasina Wielka, Cracow Cheap Accommodations, Affortable Houses
Beskid Mountains - mists sea

There is a place in Poland, where nature almost every day gives a unique spectacle. It's Beskidy Mountains. Between...

Spring sunshine!

A Light exists in Spring, Not present on the Year, At any other period — When March is scarcely here...

New trail: Malopolska Village for Children

The Malopolska Region, a new trail ranch called "Malopolska Village for Children" ...

Holidays In The Mountains
NOTE!Take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFERS and save even up to 35%!

Depending on the length of your stay you can get
discounts of up to 35%!

We have also a perfect offer for families with little children.